Top 6 Health Tips for all, Healthy Life Tips, Healthy Tips

Every one needs good health to spend a Healthy Life. So we must care our health. Here we are discussing major tips to spend a Healthy Life. You must need to follow these steps.

top 6 health tips, general health tips
  1. Drink plenty of water! (Drinking 2 cups before a meal can cut calorie intake by 15 % and keep skin looking healthy)
  2. Sleep! (It keeps you well because chemicals important to your immune system are secreted during sleep)
  3. Move that body! (30 minutes of walking can burn 200-250 calories)
  4. Eat 1 less bite! (Cut 250 a calories from food and burn 250 calories with exercise each day and you lose 3500 calories, or 1 pound, a week)
  5. Wear Sunscreen! (With at least SPF 20, 2 to 3 times a day)
  6. Give a hug, get a hug! (Hugs can lower blood pressure and ease stress)
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