Health Tips for all, Healthy Life Tips, Healthy Tips

Every one needs good health to spend a Healthy Life. So we must care our health. Here we are discussing major tips to spend a Healthy Life. You must need to follow these steps.

Health Tips for all
  1. If you are eating canned fruits or vegetables, wash them before you eat. It helps cut out the sugar and half the salt atleast.
  2. Have no more than 4-6 ounces of 100 % fruit juice in a day. They add to the calories, and do not contribute tho the fiber.
  3. Low-fat dairy, leafy greens, sardines and fortified cereals and juices are great sources of calcium.
  4. Avoid drinking tea and coffee immediately after meals as they interfere in the absorption of iron from the food...!
  5. Stay happy, Healthy & Fit: Think Good, Feel Good, Do Good, Help to Needy, save mother nature & Humanity.
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