It had been over two years since I had dated and a client of mine took my phone and downloaded this unknown app to me at the time called Tinder. Little did I know I had to adjust the settings, import the right pictures and write a small bio yet it was like the 21st Century's idea of the dating game! Swipe left if not interested in the gent and swipe right if interested. Wow!  Easy, fun and hysterical at times, Tinder became my new BFF.

Within a week, I had dates with men from all kinds of backgrounds. Since Tinder shows you friends you have in common on either Facebook or Twitter, I often swiped right if we shared more than five or so friends. Tinder blew up since nearly a year ago and has now become a bit of a hook up app. Many of the men want to go offline and trade " pics" or want to go straight to a hotel room. Hookups are fine for some yet I want a companion that shares some of my interests. I had some great dates and appreciate that I have been introduced to many people in my area through other Tinderellas and such. 

I know of okcupid, Match, eharmony, coffee meets bagel, jswipe, etc. but none seem to have the same colorful way of meeting people as Tinder does. I know it seems artificial, yet I would do the same thing in a bar setting- look at the gent that strikes me with only one glance
and want to meet. It's a chemical reaction, I believe. 

What are your thoughts on online dating? Have you had any success stories? Feel free to share the good, the bad and the ugly. We could all learn from each other's experiences in some way.

Wish me luck as I still have yet to find an incredible match yet I have a few men I really like! 
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