This shower gel not only smells delightful but is said to fight visible cellulite both quickly and effectively. How could I pass up the chance to reduce cellulite?!

ORLANE Paris created Aqua Svelte Slimming Scrub with Algae and Sea Salt ( $ 65) to exfoliate, detoxify and slim targeted cellulite areas of your body. It removes dead cells from the surface and it's active ingredients include microspheres, caffeine, ginger essential oil and marine algae.

When this products come into contact with water, it releases it's exfoliating particles and it's purifying, slimming ingredients. Invigorating marine notes contribute to the hydrotherapy effect as well. It's quick and easy to use and a small portion goes a long way. 

It is recommended to be used with the principals of hydrotherapy which means taking an energetic massage under hot water, followed by a cold water rinse to tone skin and prolong the effects of active ingredients. I have used this approach for many years as it supposedly helps your hair color from fading quickly and also aids in your body's circulation.

This is certainly a progressive shower gel! Ready for purchase at ORLANE

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