Wearing my hair straight for the past three months makes me yearn for a curly look every so often for a fun change. That is where Miss Jessie's MULTICULTURAL CURLS ( $ 16) comes into play.

It's a lightweight styler exclusively formulated for those of us that don't have naturally super straight nor super curly hair and want hair that bounces with shine and is touchably soft- NO CRUNCH allowed! Oh how I hate it when I rock the 80's wet look, yet not on purpose! It certainly is not my favorite look (on me).

This product really worked beautifully on my hair and held the curl/waves all day and night long. I let my hair air dry as the weather allowed for it and it felt soft to the touch and playful in look. You can buy this by going to Miss Jessie's , Ricky's NYC, Target, CVS and Duane Reade come April 2014.
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