A great time was had by all. I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful new brands- about 12- all with new launches, too.

The launch of Clique by Chef Roble Ali of Bravo TV Roble & Co. is a gorgeous looking and intoxicating scent.

Also brands such as Dolluxe that had both fun false lashes as well as great wigs that were creative and colorful.

The lovely ladies at Design Essentials made me rethink wearing my hair curly again and the owners of Blo Blow Dry Bar told me a salon is coming to Chelsea in April! Cannot wait to go. That is my hood.

I also learned of the Timeless Marilyn Monroe Spa at the Hyatt Times Square New York. I didn't know they were there, did you?! I love all things Marilyn as long as props are given to her estate- which was my first question to the manicurists on hand, pun intended, at this event.

Another love was the temporary hearts and stars tattoo pens from Beauty Mark. 

The DermOrganic staff taught me about Argan Oil both in their hair care line and newly launched skin care products. No fragrance yet delightfully smooth on the skin.

SPADARO launched beautifully packaged Eau De Parfums that were addicting. They were created to evoke a memory through scent and I could have stayed at that booth all day just for the sheer calmness the scents brought to me.

They were other companies such as Dear Clark that also had a wonderfully plant derived hair care line.

All in all- Beauty Press delivered a wonderful event with so many new launches that were exciting to see. Look for the #beautypress on both Twitter and IG to see more pictures from the event. 
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